The Bull Mountains of Montana are a lot quieter now and the air is starting to clear as the gun smoke lifts from the street of Bull Town. Even the pine trees survived their annual Labor Day weekend trimming. Friday afternoon the early arrivals got a chance to warm up with a team ShowDown shoot out with Bob Crismonís Star ShowDown system. The teams were drawn out of a hat and each team of three had three targets. Even though you only have to hit each target once it sounded like the Fourth of July when the lights came on and the dust was flying behind the targets. Results are further down this post.

Saturday morning Quick Cal came to Bull Town. He had planned to shoot in the contest but on the way up he was informed of a death in the family and couldnít stay. Our condolences go to Cal, Dinah and the rest of his family from the CFDA family.

We got the Bull Town CFDA Show Down rolling using the Montana 5-Shot format. Just about everyone had seen the postings on the format so there were no surprises. By the end of the afternoon the ladies were down to the point of switch to 3 out of 5 and the men were getting there. All day long people kept stopping by to look and wish over the engraved and tuned Great Western IIís that would be awarded to the winners.

Sunday morning it took one round for the men to reach the switch point and the finals began. All of a sudden the times started dropping. By lunch time the ladies were down to Donna Sundby and Annette Coffman while the men were Bob Krueger and Gary Cooper. Once they finished their shoot outs we broke for lunch. Yes, Iíll tell you who won but youíll have to scroll down to the results. After lunch we had a sudden death ShowDown for bragging rights and buckles.

Shannon Croft won the drawing for the ShowDown System donated by Bob Crismon and Ryan Buffington had the lucky number for the one of a kind "Bull Mountain Gunfighter" bronze sculpture by Montana artist C. R. Morrison.

Ok, here are the results:

Menís Top Ten

  1. Bob Krueger
  2. Gary Cooper
  3. Mark Compton
  4. Ken Gentry
  5. Randy Herman
  6. Dean Storms
  7. Ron Martinez
  8. Ryan Buffington
  9. Chris Hurd
  10. Dean White

Womenís Top Ten

  1. Annette Coffman
  2. Donna Sundbye
  3. Sharon Fridley
  4. Dorelle Carpenter
  5. Jo Ann Hust
  6. Shirley Coffman
  7. Shelly Arnold
  8. Pat Krueger
  9. Shannon Croft
  10. Patricia Thoma

Team Games

  1. Vigilantes

Gary Cooper

Shane Croft

Roger Nagel

  1. Regulators

George Narasaki

Dean Storms

Dorelle Carpenter

  1. Texas Rangers

Bob Krueger

Sue Davidson

Chaundra Robertson

Single Games


  1. Jason Robertson
  2. Bob Krueger
  3. Ryan Buffington
  4. Don Valle
  5. Gary Cooper


  1. Annette Coffman
  2. Mary Fried
  3. Patricia Thoma
  4. Chaundra Robertson

5. Shannon Croft

Spirit of the Game Award and Buckle--- Richard Fair: Sadly Richard Passed away shortly after being informed of the award. He insisted that his wife and family shoot in the contest despite his illness and even came to watch for part of Saturday. Our condolences to the family, Richard will be missed.

Best Dressed Award and Buckle

MenísóCarl Luedke

WomenísóChaundra Robertson