The contest is a two stage event, with the early elimination rounds held in a best of five format. Then once the number of contestants remaining in competition has reached the number of prize places to be awarded or another number determined by the host and announced prior to the contest start, the format will shift to 3 out of 5 to determine final placements. As we know 3 out of 5 frequently means the first person to reach 3 winning shots out of substantially more than 5 shots. Regardless, the first person with 3 winning shots wins the round.

The number of X’s received to that point in the contest will continue with the contestant thus someone entering the final stage with 2 X’s would only need to receive one more X to determine their final placement in a 3 X contest.

All CFDA safety and equipment rules will apply throughout the contest as will the Gunfighter‘s Guidelines description of Elimination Contest with one interpretive variation in the number of winning shots needed to win a round during the initial stage of the contest.

1. At the "load and make ready" command both contestants are to load five rounds following the CFDA load five rule and the hammer must be down on an empty chamber. The only exception would be in the event someone has a gun that tends to hang up when more that one or two rounds are loaded or fired. This person is to advise the Range Officer of the circumstance and may load an additional round after each shot or unload the spent cartridge as necessary. This should be an unusual occurrence and it is suggested that they have the gun looked at to fix the problem.

2. The shots will then proceed in the normal fashion until a maximum of five shots have been made. At this point the person with the most winning shots would be declared the winner of the round and the other person would receive an X. This is regardless of the number of hits after five shots. It could be 1 to 0 and the person with 1 winning shot would be the round winner. Obviously if one person has 3 winning shots they are the round winner regardless of how many shots have been fired to that point.

3. If after five shots the number of shots won is tied (anything from 0 to 0 or 2 to 2) the contestants will reload and enter into a sudden win series. This would be a good time for those pairs on the line who have already determined a winner to step away from the line. The Range Officer should take the opportunity to do this since it would avoid a number of people standing at the line doing nothing and would let spectators better see what is going on.

This will continue until we reach the finals portion of the contest, then the format would change to the 3 out of 5 as indicated above.